Oil & Gas Production Chemistry Workshops

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Scheduled Events

Oil & Gas Production Chemistry Workshop

Aberdeen, UK – 21st to 23rd of February 2017

3-day event

Oil & Gas Production Chemistry Workshop

Aberdeen, UK – 16th to 18th of May 2017

3-day event

Oil & Gas Production Chemistry Workshop

Dubai, UAE – 6th to 8th of June 2017

3-day event

Oil & Gas Production Chemistry Workshop

Amsterdam, NL – 5th to 7th of September 2017

3-day event

This 3-day course aims to introduce each participant to the main focus areas of oil and gas production chemistry. The course covers a selection of production chemistry topics with a focus on flow assurance & asset integrity.

Aimed at both technical and non-technical personnel, the workshop doesn’t require any previous in-depth knowledge of chemistry.



by our clients

“An excellent introduction to Production Chemistry. The presenters use their vast experience to educate the participants in a clear and friendly manner. Highly recommended.”

Kenny Peacock, Fluids Analysis Technical Advisor, Core Lab

“I work in operations, with a background in marketing and came to the course with very little production chemistry knowledge, and yet found the workshop material and delivery very interesting and easy to understand.”

Tara Schwelm, Operations Manager, LUX Assure

You Can Learn About

Water Injection

Mineral Scale

Gas Hydrates

Chemical Injection

Microbial Control

Gas Treatment

Produced Water Treatment



Wax & Asphaltenes


Threat Modelling & Prediction


Is this course for chemists only?

No. The course is designed as so to allow anyone, within the O&G industry, to obtain a general understanding of the methods, impact and importance of production chemistry applications and challenges that are encountered during production. Our aim was to have the right balance of technical and high-level detail presented, in such way as so not to require any previous in-depth knowledge of chemistry.

Can I pay the registration fee using any other method besides a credit card?

Yes. If you are sponsored by your company, we can make arrangements for an invoice to be issued, once a PO has been received. Your company can then pay the invoice using any method they like.

My company is interested in "in-house" training. Do you offer this option?

Yes. Contact us, and we can discuss your specific requirements. Custom versions of our courses can be delivered at your selected premises and schedule. Fee discounts will be offered depending on the number of delegates attending your event.

My schedule doesn't allow me to attend any of your planned offerings. Do you plan to hold any other events?

Yes, dates and locations for any additional events can be emailed to you. If you want to stay informed of all our upcoming workshops, subscribe to our newsletter at the top of this page.