Production Chemistry


We Communicate Chemistry

Give us a production chemistry challenge to overcome. We focus on the following areas.

 Flow Assurance




 Mineral Scale Prediction


 Chemical and Environmental Auditing


 Gas Treatment

 Chemical Selection


 Emulsion Control


 Environmental Compliance


 Tender Support Services


 Chemical Injection

Process Optimisation

Production chemistry can provide cost effective solutions to your flow assurance and integrity challenges.

Threat Modelling

We use industry-leading flow assurance modelling software to generate the most accurate results for our clients.

Chemical Injection Control

We will work with you to restore confidence in your asset's chemical injection system. Lower your OPEX and achieve your flow assurance & integrity KPIs by fine-tuning every parameter of this important, yet often overlooked process.

Effective Auditing

Our experts have decades of experience in the fields of onshore and offshore laboratory, chemical and environmental auditing.

Tender Support

Our background with both chemical service companies and O&G operators places us in a position to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your tender selection or submission.

We communicate chemistry !

In order to discuss how BasisChem can assist you with your production chemistry needs, please contact us.